Grety Karupspc

First Impressions The tour for Karup´s Private Collection (also known as Karup´s PC) changes as they update the site but when I visited I was greeted by a sexy picture of a slim brunette sucking dick and a preview video of her getting it on with the guy, including great kissing and foreplay and a damn good fuck with her on her back with legs spread and a dick invading her cunt. The wealth of preview content they offer is one of the best things about the site as they´re clearly confident you´ll like what you see and be so blown away by all of it that you´ll gladly join up. Hot Promises Karup´s Private Collection has been online for more than 10 years and in that time they´ve built an archive with thousands of beautiful models and countless picture galleries and video sets. They promise you can delve into sexy niche content for almost any desire and as you browse through you´ll see some of today´s most famous pornstars back before they were world famous. They promise six updates per week, four video formats, and high resolution pictures. Ultimately they assure you that you´ll never run out of porn, which seems like a reasonable assertion. Round-Up Karup´s Private Collection was founded in 1997, leaving them as one of the longest-tenured porn sites in the business, particularly in the genre of beautiful young ladies of a largely non-professional nature. They continue to update every day of the work week and add five new content sets each day for a total of 25 per week. Few sites can match that output and the content totals are largely what you´d expect from such a prolific site. They currently house more than 12,000 picture galleries and more than 4,300 videos. It´s genuinely more content than most people know what to do with. On a site this big you´re going to find all kinds of models but if there´s one aesthetic they go for more than any other it´s the girl next door type. They have control over that, of course, since you can do a girl´s hair and makeup to make her look sultrier or you can go for a cute look. You´ll see examples of both at Karup´s PC (check out the hardcore set with brunette model Allie for a good example of the more glamorous look), but for the most part the site is rich with girl next door types. That fits with their approach of bringing in amateur style girls and it´s worked for more than 15 years now. It works so well and at this point I´m comfortable saying they do it better and certainly at a higher volume than anyone else online so it´s a perfect site if that´s your look. With any site this old there are huge variances in quality so the older the content is the lower resolution and lower quality you can expect it to be. The last 5 years or so of content has been high definition and offers Flash streaming options but before that you´re looking at downloading segmented videos in WMV, which is a little rough. For some of you that means all video content before that is useless, and that´s okay. You´ll still have tons of movies to enjoy. It´s fair to say that Karup´s Private Collection leans more heavily towards picture galleries, having three times as many. The photography is always top notch and as the site has aged they´ve increased the resolutions and crispness of the images. One of the issues that plagues sites as large as Karup´s PC is navigation. Because there´s so much content it can be difficult to browse effectively. That was long a major thorn in their efforts to keep their customers happy but constant work on the issue has left them at a happy middle ground where you won´t struggle much to find what you´re looking for. It can still be challenging, of course, but there´s no way around that. They provide a rather robust search function where you can input specific desires (niche of scene, girl hair color, breast size, etc) and see the range of scene and picture gallery options available. If you´re a long time member you can also just browse the new releases and put the best of them in your favorites list. Solo content dominates Karup´s Private Collection as they focus on putting beautiful girls in front of the camera and letting them work to turn you on. This typically starts with the clothes, which range from cute to seductive and sexy and can include dresses, shorts, tight tops, lingerie, bikinis, and more. They know that variety is key to keeping members interested over the long term and they deliver. Just about anything can happen in the solo sets with so many to be enjoyed but you can largely expect the chick to get naked and play with her body in all kinds of arousing ways. That means masturbating, fondling her tits, fucking with dildos, and more. The pursuit of pleasure is always high on the list, including both yours and hers. They don´t skimp on the hardcore fucking at Karup´s PC either. It´s a smaller portion, to be sure, but because it´s a big site there´s always going to be plenty of banging with the babes. I was delighted with just how erotic and arousing most of the sex was. The girls and guys worship each other, sucking cock sensually and eating pussy with passion. Fucking is done in the porn style so you can see the penetrations, etc, but it always seems a little more connected and beautiful than the pro porn sites. Girl on girl content is available as well, though you shouldn´t join hoping for tons of lesbian porn. Instead, think of it as a lovely bonus, particularly since they like to delve more into niches, like having girls suck on each other´s toes for the foot fetish guys. Croco´s Opinion The bottom line with Karup´s PC is that for $29.95/month you get access to more than 4,300 videos and 12,000 picture galleries, all of which maintain a high level of quality. Way back when the site started they were at the top edge of quality and while those scenes look low resolution now they´re still worth watching. The new stuff is all HD and looks incredible and while they struggle a little to make the site easy to browse they´re doing about as good a job as you can expect for such a monstrous collection of porn. Their knack for finding hot girls with a girl next door quality is incredible and makes the site perfect for guys that dig such a thing. You´ll see these ladies in softcore, dildo fucking, lesbian, and hardcore sets and there are five new sets added five days a week for 25 weekly updates. Navigation A powerful search tool lets you specify what kind of porn you´re looking for at Karup´s Private Collection. Browsing content by date added, models, etc, is easy so there are multiple ways to look through the wealth of pornography here. Pricing Policy Standard billing is $29.95 for 30 days recurring but if you´d like a discount you can pay for 3 months up front for $69.95.